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Student Financial Aid Appointment
Student Financial Services Schedule In-Person Advisor Appointment

Please login below to book an appointment to guarantee advisor assistance

  • This appointment system schedules in-person advisor appointments for the Pullman Campus only. SFS is located in Lightly 380 on the Pullman Campus.
  • Only one appointment at a time can be scheduled.
  • An appointment is not needed to simply drop off documents. Note: SFS also has a “drop box” outside its main door where documents, before or after our office hours, can be turned in.
  • If an appointment is unavailable when you need one, please contact our office at (509) 335-9711 (Mon—Friday, 8 am—4:45 pm) or email our staff at for assistance.

If you are not a WSU student or do not have a WSU login you will need to create a WSU Friend Account to login. You can create/manage your WSU Friend Account at WSU Friend Accounts.

If you have forgotten your Network ID or password please go to WSU Network ID Account Manager. If you have forgotten your WSU Friend Account ID or password please go to WSU Friend Accounts.